Dedicated to the treatment and care
of native australian wildlife

A Non Profit Registered Charity


Southern Cross Wildlife Care is a not-for-profit registered charity, staffed by qualified veterinary volunteers, dedicated to the treatment and care of Australian wildlife.

Wildlife require special care and treatment. Unfortunately, there are few places they can go to if they are sick or injured. As our full-time resident veterinary surgeon, Dr Howard Ralph OAM, has dedicated his life to helping wildlife, we are in a unique position to be able provide the most experienced and skilled service for our native animals.

Our wildlife care centre is totally devoted to the health & welfare of native animals.

The Southern Cross Wildlife Care centre is completely reliant on donations and operated by volunteers.

We provide veterinary services at our centres in Sydney and the NSW Southern Tablelands.

Visits to our care centres require an appointment to handle the work-load and provide the best service with minimum delays, so please refer to our Centre Visit details.

Please enjoy browsing the website and don’t hesitate to contact us for any further information.


Our Stories

Dr Howard Ralph at Southern Cross Wildlife Care is saving native wildlife, one burns victim at a time...Jan 2020.

He’s been very busy lately, with casualties from the fires. If by some stroke of luck the animals haven’t been burnt, they’re beginning to starve from their food sources being razed.

People bring the animals in their care to him because they know he’ll do everything he can to keep them alive, and if there’s no hope, he will give them medication for their pain before putting them out of their misery.

He works as a doctor in the local hospital to fund the veterinary service he runs for free from his home in the countryside between Braidwood and Bungendore.

Most of Dr Ralph and his wife Glenda’s income goes into their clinic………………Read More


Tania Duratovic, one of our veterinary nurses,  has organised a Go Fund Me fundraiser on behalf of SOUTHERN CROSS WILDLIFE CARE.

Update: We continue to be busy treating wildlife well into the wee hours of the morning. It’s exhausting but these animals have nowhere else to go. Many of the operations are complicated & take quite a bit of time & a lot of concentration. We also continue to provide advice to others, veterinarians & wildlife carers, all over the country on individual cases. There really aren’t that many places, sadly, that take the time to treat wildlife or have the knowledge & skills.

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Sadly, our patient list is expanding and we receive no government funding or assistance.

We all feel very strongly about our precious and declining wildlife
and we are committed to assisting each and every creature that comes through the door.