volunteers are those with the Passion to Transform Their Communities

Big thanks to these guys!

Constructing yards to give our rescued
animals room to rehabilitate.


The Southern Cross Wildlife Care centre is run entirely by a dedicated team of community volunteers.

Volunteers are important members of the center’s staff. They work to provide a range of services to the centre and to support the centre’s veterinary staff.

If you would like to volunteer and have any of the following skills, please contact us:

  • medical qualifications such as a veterinary science degree or veterinary nursing we would love to hear from you
  • ‘handyman’ skills, building enclosures, repairing fences, fixing equipment Currently this is our most urgent need
    fundraising, marketing, media
  • See Our Wish List below for ideas

If you would like to understand more about the care centre,
please contact us on

Our Charity is always looking for more volunteers!

Please complete the following Volunteer Form to send to us, we much appreciate it.

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    our wish list

    Please contact us if you can assist with any items.

     We are often in need of feed & water to distribute to wildlife in the area, particularly in summer.

    • Hay – lucerne (not chaff)
    • All Timers pellets
    • All Purpose pellets & Economix pellets
    • Bird seed – wild bird mix
    • 10L & 20L water
    • builders wheelbarrow x 2
    • portable/mobile fire fighting pump & reel
    • garbage bins (to store seed)
    • extension ladder
    • battery for solar power
    • plastic water troughs
    • generator back up
    • clean working cot (for joeys) with lockable wheels x 6
    • cat & dog ‘donut’ beds x 15
    • Clipper blades 30 & 40 (Heiniger & Oster)
    • Prontosan (wound irrigation – Braun)
    • Betadine ointment
    • Betadine (povodine iodine) liquid
    • Sutures – Vilet 2.0 (V453), 3.0 (V422), 4.0 (V397), 5.0 (V391)
    • Vetwrap/Coban or equivalent bandaging
    • Soffban/Velband or equivalent bandaging
    • Burettes for IV fluid delivery 120ml
    • Pediatric IV fluid (0.45% + 2.5%)
    • Sterile injectable IV saline 100ml bags
    • IV Gelofusine fliud
    • Sterile syringes, various sizes but particularly 1ml & 2ml
    • Sterile needles – various sizes but particularly 23 gauge
    • Vetlite splinting material
    • IV sterile cannulas – 20, 24, and 23 gauge
    • IV bung – Braun IN-stopper (for cannula)
    • Dressings: – Mepitel, Mepilex, Aquacel Ag, Acticoat, Acticaot Absorbent, Allevyn Ag, Bactigras, Instrasite
    • Disposable gloves – XL, L, M
    • Nilstat oral (from chemists)
    • Microscope slides & cover slips
    • Urinalysis sticks – 10 parameters
    • In date bacteriological swabs
    • Yellow top (urine) containers
    • Nutrigel by Illium (for high energy vitamin supplement for animals)