About Southern Cross Wildlife Care

If I can do something to alleviate the stress, pain and suffering of these animals…that’s why I do this work.” Dr. Howard Ralph OAM – FounderAbout Southern Cross Wildlife Care

Southern Cross Wildlife Care (SCWC) was founded by our veterinary surgeon, Dr. Howard Ralph OAM and his wife, Glenda.

SCWC was established for the purpose of treating and caring for injured, sick and orphaned wildlife.

Dr Ralph has a passion equalled to none and has dedicated most of his life towards caring for our long-suffering and often misunderstood wildlife.

Dr Ralph became acutely aware that a wildlife care centre was a must, if wildlife were to be afforded the treatment and rehabilitation that they were so desperately needing.

Recognition for Service to Humanity awarded to Dr Ralph.


Why is Southern Cross Wildlife Care so special?

Koala Bushfire victims getting help at Southern Cross Wildlife Care ClinicWe believe that all wildlife rescue groups are vitally important but our organisation is in the privileged position to have our own full-time veterinarian with a wealth of experience. Wildlife veterinarians are extremely hard to find and those with the skills and experience of Dr Ralph, even rarer let alone the compassion and determination.

Dr Ralph and wife Glenda are supported by qualified veterinary nurses and other volunteers. However, we always need more help – click here for volunteer info.

Wildlife carers come from far and wide as SCWC is often their last hope. No wild creature is ever turned away, even the most hopeless of ‘cases’. Our workload is expanding with each week that passes, as the injuries and accidents inflicted on wildlife are escalating, therefore we need to expand our service.

How does SCWC raise its funds?

SCWC is a non-profit Registered Charity and therefore relies on the kindness of others for donations.

Sadly, our patient list is expanding and we receive no government funding or assistance. We all feel very strongly about our precious and declining wildlife and we are committed to assisting each and every creature that comes through the door.

All donations in Australia are tax deductible. Please go to our Donate page for details.

Where is the SCWC Centre?

About Southern Cross Wildlife Care clinicSouthern Cross Wildlife Care has its major centre in Braidwood, Southern Tablelands of NSW (1 hr north of Canberra) and a smaller centre in Sydney. Dr Ralph and Glenda travel every fortnight to the country centre to attend to the growing number of animals that are injured or too sick to travel.

Such a service requires great commitment and devotion which highlights just how compassionate and dedicated Dr Ralph and Glenda are.

The fact that without your help we can not survive and we can not continue to treat the many thousands of animals that we attend to each year.

Everyone in SCWC is a volunteer.

Unfortunately, each year our costs for medical equipment, drugs, oxygen, power, maintenance, food, cages etc. increases. The reality is we really need your help and support if we are to continue with this very vital service.

If you have urgent questions that aren’t addressed on the website, please contact Care Centre Manager, Glenda Ralph, on 0429 926 608.
Please be patient if we can’t get back to you as soon as we’d like as our resources are stretched.